Metal Battles will start in November !   Get in the Pit!

1st Battle : 15th  December @ Moonlight Fest 2012 !!!

Participation Battle 1st pre round

- Your band doesn't have a deal and isn't about to sign a label in the near future
- Your band can easily play a 30-minute set consisting of your own songs

- voting period is november 15th untill november 30th
- you are allowed to submit 2 songs, first one is guaranteed
- make sure your submissions are available at youtube
- no cover songs, live versions only if studio recording isn't available
- keep it metal \m/

10 bands will be selected based on the total "likes" on your youtube link on the facebook page:

Metal Batlle PPM fest & Dokk'em Open Air  : 1st round


Battles 2nd pre round :

Hereinafter will they be divided into 2 groups of 5 bands.

1 group of 5 bands will batlle in Tongeren (BE) 15/12/2012 - Moonlight Metalfest  and
1 group of 5 bands will battle in Mons/Bergen (BE) ( date and venue tba ) 

a professional jury, consisting 3 members will independently judge all bands on their musical qualities ( scale from 0 till 10 ; 10 being the maximum score ). The people can also vote by choosing ( = maximum score 10 points ) two bands from the 5 on the back of the entree ticket. Th evotes from the jury + the tickets will be added up. The best 3 of each group will participate in the final in March 2013 in the Romein - Leeuwaarden (NL) ( date tba )

The 2 final winners  will be participate on DOA 2013 and PPM Fest 2013 !!!

Dokk'em Open Air - Netherlands ( ) and
PPM Fest - Belgium ( )

Hell yeah !!!


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